Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

What does Positive Behavior Intervention and Support look like at Estes Elementary School?

At Estes Elementary School we have a set of school-wide expectations that shape the culture of our school. The four expectations are taught, modeled and practiced throughout all grade levels. Expected behavior is encouraged with positive feedback and earned privileges.

To learn more about Positive Behavior Intervention and Support in North Carolina visit the website at

http://www.ncpublicschools.org/positivebehavior/ or http://www.pbis.org

Estes Expectations


Academic Success



Estes RAMS Leadership Expectations


Classroom Leaders

Hallway Leaders

Cafeteria Leaders


Bathroom Leaders

Bus Leaders

Playground Leaders




*Be Proactive

· Be a positive leader by making good choices

· Listen and follow directions the first time

· Be prepared

· Take care of materials

· Keep desk and room clean

· Hands, feet and objects to self

· Stay in your spot in line

· Pick up items that don’t belong to you (lead by example)

· Listen to the supervising adults

· Take what you need the first time

· Clean up after self and others

· Place trash in trash cans

· Clean up after yourself and others

· Wash hands

· Leave no trace

· Listen to the driver

· Keep bus clean

· Packs on laps

· Help others with their stops


· Remember coats, hats, and mittens

· Collect and take care of playground equipment

· Line up immediately and quietly

· Dress appropriately for weather

Academic Success

*Begin With

the End in


*Put First

Things First

· Put forth 100% effort

· Complete your classwork and homework

· Share your thinking

· Ask for help when needed

· Solve problems together

· Do your own work

· Go directly to your destination and return promptly


· Eat a healthy lunch

· Use a quiet voice

· Go directly to bathroom and back to class

· Voices off

· Know what to do in case of an emergency


· Play together

· Exercise


*Think Win-


*Seek First to


Then to Be



· Listen with your eyes, ears and heart

· Share materials

· Use kind words

· Talk when it is your turn

· Respect other people’s property

· Greet others in a positive way

· Accept your location in line

· Keep hands, feet and objects to self

· Keep hands by your side or behind your back

· Voices off on the tile

· Greet visitors in the hallway

· Eat your own food

· Face forward, legs under table

· Use fork, chew with mouth closed

· Leave spaces cleaner than you found them

· Report empty paper towels and toilet paper

· Wash your hands

· Give others privacy

· Place paper towels in trash

· Take care of yourself

· Lights on, voices off

· Obey the silent road


· Be a friend

· Tell the truth

· Share

· Include others

· Follow the rules

· Use kind words

· Take turns and synergize

· Think win-win




*Sharpen the


· Ask permission before leaving

· Use materials properly

· Respect space of others

· Listen to announcements

· Stay on the right side of the hallway

· Use walking feet

· Stay with your class

· Face forward



· Ask permission before leaving

· Sit on your bottom

· Stay seated

· Silence during announcements

· Take care of needs quickly and quietly, then return to class

· Keep doors unlocked after use

· Wait your turn quietly

· Stay seated until bus stops

· Use quiet voices

· Back to back, bottom to bottom

· Keep food and drink in your backpack

· Play safely

· Use equipment properly

· Hands to self