About Us

W. W. Estes Elementary School is a kindergarten through fourth grade school in the Roberson District of Buncombe County Schools. Estes is a schoolwide Title 1 school. We have a diverse population that we believe enhances the education of our students. Excellent student performance is a continual reason for pride in the Estes School community. Students from Estes go on to attend Koontz Intermediate School, Valley Springs Middle School and eventually T.C. Roberson High School.

We will make every attempt to continually update the information on this site. If you find that there is information that would be helpful to you but is not available on this site, please give us a call.

W W Estes Elementary School
275 OverLook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

School Mission Statement

"W.W. Estes Elementary School is committed to working with children, staff, families, and the community to provide a safe, caring and active learning environment that provides all students with the tools to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a changing world."

School Belief Statements

  • Meaningful learning occurs when individual needs are addressed in a safe and nurturing environment through relevant curriculum.

  • Students are most successful when they are independent readers and confident problem solvers.

  • Teachers are most effective as professionals when they have forums in which to discuss and collaborate on school issues, so that school-based decisions are made concerning behavior management, teaching practices, and student achievement.

  • Learning is enhanced in an environment of mutual respect and open communication among administration, teachers, parents, and students.

Buncombe County Schools Vision Statement

Buncombe County Schools Vision Statement