Family Engagement Policy

The faculty and staff at WW Estes are fully invested in the success of all students. To achieve that success, we rely heavily on the support of informed and engaged parents and community to help develop our students into life-long learners. Students with involved parents can see that education is a priority to the adults in their lives.

At the same time, we recognize that parents have many home and work obligations that might prevent traditional involvement in the school setting. For this reason, we plan to offer different opportunities for parents to participate in our students’ educations. In order to ensure strong partnerships between parents and teachers, Estes faculty and staff are committed to pursuing the following goals in ways that embrace the diversity of our school population and that support the individual needs of our families.

Goals for Parent Involvement

  • Involve and instruct parents in the use of the evidence-based teaching strategies
    being used in our classrooms including the rationales and research that support them

  • Continue meaningful and on-going communication between parents and the school

  • Develop ways to enable parents to participate in their child’s learning

  • Encourage support for school staff and parents to sustain parent involvement
    beginning before Kindergarten and continuing beyond elementary school

  • Utilize community resources to promote family and student success

  • Encourage participation of volunteers through our Parent Teacher Association

  • Support parents in their roles as the child’s first and most important teachers

  • Provide materials and support in appropriate translations for all families