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National PTA Parents' Guide To Student Success 

This guide provides an overview of what your child will learn by the end of kindergarten in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. It focuses on the key skills your child will learn in these subjects, which will build a strong foundation for success in the other subjects he or she studies throughout the school year. This guide is based on the new Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by more than 40 states. These K–12 standards are informed by the highest state standards from across the country. If your child is meeting the expectations outlined in these standards, he or she will be well prepared for 1st grade.

National PTA Parents' Guide To Student Success - Kindergarten 

For more information on the new curriculum standards, please click the link to visit the Common Core and Essential Standards section of the website.

Kindergarten Orientation Materials to try at home!

Reading (English)

Reading (Spanish)

Math (English)

Math (Spanish)