Advisory Council

Members of the Board of Education have a sincere commitment to the concept of citizen involvement in the Buncombe County Schools. We believe that the people want good schools, that they have reasonable ideas about the things the schools should do, and that they are willing to help the schools attain established goals. A purpose of the advisory structure is to provide informed advice to the school authorities. » Board of Education

A School Advisory Council is comprised of 5 to 13 members, with the principal serving in an ex-officio capacity and as the secretary who keeps the minutes. Minutes are submitted to the Superintendent's office and forwarded to Board of Education members. Advisory Councils serve schools in an advisory capacity and act as a liaison between the Board of Education and the citizenry. Councils might discuss and advise on such matters as human relations, school facilities, school activities, community/Board of Education relations, and/or other matters related to the individual schools.

Advice to the Board can be given in the form of minutes maintained at the meetings; by direct communication to Board members; individually or collectively, by correspondence or telephone; or by a written report presented at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. Each Advisory Council should elect, at the first meeting, a chairman and a vice-chairman. Meetings should be held at times convenient to all members to the extent possible, with a minimum of four meetings per year required.

2023-2024 Advisory Council Meeting Dates:

  • 9/25 at 7:30

  • 12/11 at 7:30

  • 5/20 at 7:30

2023-2024 Advisory Council Members:

  • Kristie Sponder

  • Jay Dale

  • Elislee Garcia

  • Lauren Groome

  • Minnie Guram

  • Anna Briggs

  • Stacy Williams

  • Haize Lewis 

  • HP Patel

  • Candace Mace

  • Carrie Erb