Car Riders Identification Program - Dismissal

Estes requires that all cars picking up a student must have an ID card (sent home with students at the beginning of the year) prominently displayed in the driver's side area. This will let us know that you are an authorized person to pick the child up. If you do not have the strip displayed in your car, you will be asked to come inside the office and provide identification to pick up your child.

Without parents/guardians written permission, no student will be allowed to travel home in any vehicle other than the assigned one. 

Once we have called your child, please pull up as far as possible in the car lane in order to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. School staff will direct you where you need to stop in order to load or unload children.

Please do not leave your car unattended in line or in the bus area. Car riders will only be dismissed from the car rider area to a vehicle. They will not be dismissed to people who walk to the car rider area, except in extraordinary cases that have office approval.

For the safety of our children and staff PLEASE refrain from using your cell phone

car rider map

We appreciate your cooperation. We are confident that this policy will ensure the safety of our students as well as speed up the process of picking up your children.

Should you have any questions or did not receive your ID Card, please contact the office.