7 Minutes to Celebrate the Habits

leader in me chart

January 7, 2016 kicked off 7 Minutes to Celebrate the Habits. Our Student Council Vice President, Quinn Roberts, ran on a platform to have a Celebration each month to remind Estes staff and students of the 7 Habits. The Celebration will focus on one Habit each month. So, to Put First Things First, January 7th began with “Be Proactive”.

On a specific day each month right after announcements,  Estes will take 7 Minutes to Celebrate the Habits. Please encourage your child to “Dress Like a Leader” that day. That means professional attire: look like they are going to a job. The job could have a uniform (like police officer), or could just be nice clean “professional” looking clothes.

The dates are



Thursday, January 7th

Be Proactive

Wednesday, January 27th

Begin with the End in Mind

Wednesday, February 17th

Put First Things First

Monday, March 7th

Think Win Win

Thursday, April 7th

Seeking First to Understand then to be Understood

Wednesday, April 27th


Tuesday, May 17th

Sharpen the Saw