Reproductive Health Class

With the passing of the “Healthy Youth Act of 2009,” schools are directed to provide Reproductive Health and Safety Education to students in grades 7-9. Instructors will be Buncombe County Schools Health educators. The classes will be taught in Health and Physical Education class.

The comprehensive four-day curriculum will include developmentally appropriate materials while focusing on the following points:

  1. Abstinence is the expected standard for youth.

  2. Reasons, decision making skills, and strategies for becoming or remaining abstinent.

  3. Strategies to deal with peer pressure.

  4. Abstinence is the only certain means of preventing pregnancy and diseases.

  5. The best lifelong means of prevention is fidelity in marriage, and the benefits of abstinence as compared to the risks of premarital sex.

  6. Factually accurate biological and pathological information related to the human reproductive system.

  7. How STDs are transmitted, the effectiveness of all FDA-approved methods for STD prevention, and information on local resources for testing and treatment.

  8. Awareness of sexual assault, sexual abuse and risk reduction.

We acknowledge that parents are the best and primary educators for their children. We want to support your efforts, honor your wishes and work with you to provide a quality program and the best outcome for your child while still meeting the mandates of the law. We encourage you to talk with your child as he/she participates in the program.

If you have further questions, please contact Debbie Bryant, Healthful Living Coordinator, at 255-5960 or

If after you have previewed the materials and objectives, you wish for your child to be removed from this instruction, please notify the principal at your school in writing before the first day of the unit.