Remote Learning Expectations

RemoteRemote Learning Expectations

Team Soar Schedule

8:50 - 9:40 1st Core 

9:45 - 10:40 2nd Core 


12:00 - 1:00 3rd Core 

1:05 - 2:02 4th Core 

Student Expectations

- Follow the Team Soar schedule. Attend each class during the given time.

- Be prepared to spend up to 30 minutes of each class participating on Zoom and watching teacher-created videos. Be prepared to work independently or in virtual groups for the remainder of the class period.

- Be in attendance every day for my online class (attendance will be taken via Zoom)

- Turn on the camera during Zoom class sessions (Microphones may be muted unless a student has raised their hand and been called on. Students can use virtual backgrounds.)

- Check Google Classroom each morning for new assignments 

- Check Gmail for teacher emails, including feedback 

- Acknowledge teacher feedback 

- Be respectful of others during our time together online

- Complete and turn in work in Google Classroom by the assigned dates

- Your grades will be based on daily assignments (50%), tests/quizzes (25%), and projects (25%) 

- REMEMBER grades count this year!

What Parents Can Expect

- All lessons will be published on Google Classroom

- Attendance will be taken via Zoom

- Students are expected to attend each class within the scheduled time

- Lessons will follow the NC Standard Course of Study

- All work will be assigned/turned in via Google Classroom

- Students will receive timely feedback 

- I am available to address parent questions and concerns from 11:00-11:30am Monday-Friday via email I will also respond to emails before and after school. 

- I will listen to parents’ individual concerns.