Class Topics

On Sept 30th we began a project for the 13 colonies.  We will be doing research in class from the textbook or teacher informational text.  We will  work in groups of two or three. The first step of this project, students will document facts on a separate sheet of paper.  This will be their research sheet and will be collected and graded at the end of the project.   The second step will be to organize the information then place it on a poster.  The presentation and pitch for coming to  their colony will be last.  Included in their poster presentation students will try to persuade others to join their colony.  This persuasive presentation is short and can be in a jingle, short skit or a written list of "why" this colony is the best.  Two grades will be given for this project, one for the research, one for the poster and presentation.  A rubric will be given to students beforehand. This project is not very short and sweet.  It does not require the assistance of the internet.  However, students will have access to my computer at school if they like and any additional facts may be acquired on-line at home.