Virtual Learning

Fall 2021

Blackhawk Parents and Students,

We are not sure right now what the next school year will bring but we are very sure that we are ready for 8th grade science class! The 8th grade science teachers have worked very hard to create an interesting, user friendly and standards-based curriculum for our students. In science we will be using Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS) for assignments and  work submission. Canvas is pre-loaded onto all student computers and be accessed from the IAM account that is found on the upper address bar on the left. Once your student is in Canvas they can find their science course by clicking on the left-side link for 'Courses'.

Students are expected to check the ANNOUNCEMENT tab in canvas every Monday and follow the guidance and schedule posted there. All work/assignments are found in the MODULE tab in canvas. Each unit is a separate module and the assignments are in numerical order.

The 8th grade Science teachers have posted their email at the end of each announcement if your child needs more information or help in completing assignments. Please also check the 'How To' Videos modules for helpful videos.

All of these instructions will  be covered in class the first few days and can be reviewed in Canvas videos. I look forward to 'seeing' all of you on Friday, August 20th 8:30-10:30 for our 'Meet the Teacher' open house!
Be well,

Ms. Thomas