Thomas, Elizabeth - Science

Elizabeth Thomas
8th Grade Science Nerd

I am a confirmed science nerd and happy to share my love of chemistry and biology with you and your students. I have been a teacher in the Navy, in Mexico, at several high schools and now I am so happy to be here at North Buncombe Middle School!  King of Nerds!


Hello all!

I have been teaching too many years to want to add them up and tell you how old I am. Let's just say that I have taught in the United States and Mexico, ages 6th grade to adults and subjects such as chemistry, biology and teacher certification. I have been an administrator at Navy schools that taught the chefs for the White House and underwater welding.

That's right- I was a Naval officer for ten years, lived on a sailboat for seven years, and somehow ended up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

I am so happy to be at NBMS and teaching science- my favorite topic. I hope you will love science too in my class.