My Teaching Philosophy

I am a teacher and as a 21st century teacher my job is to educate my kiddos about the curriculum ... about themselves ... about others and the world. I love spending my days with the kids! Life changes every moment with new conversations, questions, challenges, frustrations, triumphs, laughs, and sometimes a tear. These precepts keep me focused on being an effective teacher.

HOPE -- there is always hope.
Every day there is the hope of a new experience ... the hope of meeting a challenge that could not be met before ... the hope of  today being a day you will remember forever. 

WORK -- all things worth having take work.
Nothing can replace the satisfaction of a self achievement, reaching a goal, having patience while you struggle and learn. Technology can't replace it, cheating your way through it can't replace it, and being tempted to settle for less never brings that satisfaction.

RESPECT -- everyone deserves respect ... only some deserve admiration.
Children deserve no less respect than adults. They have the same smarts and capabilities on their level as any adult. It is my goal to give each student that respect. It is also my goal to inspire my students to want more ... for them to strive to be admired for the person that they are.

JOY -- It can change your whole perspective on your whole life! And it's contagious   :)