Singleton, Allison - Science

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Welcome to 8th Grade Science
with Ms. Singleton

(Ms. Singleton and Mrs. Smart at The Avengers)

My goal is to introduce my students to the amazing world of science. There are currently more science jobs available than people to fill them. I want to make science fun so that the students will come to love science as much as I do!!

It is best to communicate with me through email [email protected] but if it is better for you to call me than the best times to call is between 9-10 am and between 1-2 pm.

My students have three days to complete an assignment from the day it was given. The day the assignment is given the students get time in class to work on. (Your child should not have homework.) If the assignment is not turned in than the grade will be recorded as a 30. If the assignment is turned in after the deadline than the grade will be a 50.