Supply List

I have included photos and descriptions of the supplies that your student will need in my class.
Most of the these supplies will be kept in the classroom with the exception of the colored pens/pencils which can be used in other classes.
I have tried to keep the cost to a minimum. Please contact me about financial assistance.

Composition Notebook - 1 (one)
Cover style or color of your choice.   Wide Ruled is OK.  
Composition style only please, not spiral bound

Composition Books
Colored Pens, Thin Style - 1 (one) pack  of 10
colored pens

Colored Pencils - 1 (one pack) of 12
colored pencils

Notecards - 1 (one) pack of 100
3x5 inch size.
Style with one lined side and one blank side is preferred but not required.

Plastic Folder - 1 (one)
2 pocket style with metal clasps.
Please make sure to select a plastic one.  The paper ones do not last.

vinyl folder
Scotch Tape Rolls - 2 (two) each
Refill or dispenser style is fine
Scotch TapeScotch Tape Roll

                                               Optional Items                                              

The items listed below are not required but donations for the whole class to use are gratefully received.

Sticky Tabs               Tissues
Sticky Tabskleenex


Colored Pens , Broad
Markers Thick