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Global Math

Curriculum Website
This is where you, as a student, can access the curriculum

Scientific Notation Videos

Video 1

Add and Subtract

Constant of Proportionality video

Equation Solver

Having trouble solving something? Type it in as best you can and Wolfram Alpha will help.

Dino Scaling Up Game

Solve the problem and help momma dino find her baby! 
 Helps to see the relationship between rates 

Noisy Similarity Game

This game works you through by providing you with facts and then testing your knowledge on these facts. They take small steps so it's a great way to repeat topics we've covered in class already. 

Practice finding what's Similar

Math is fun is a great website with some introductory information and then fun problems to solve at the end. 

Pythagorean Theorem Practice

This website has a simple explaination about the theorem and simple exercises for practice opportunities

Angle Relationship on YouTube

Angle relationship video from YouTube that slowly explains the angle relationships we've been discussing in class. Great review tool. 

Angle Info and Games

This website has great descriptions about each angle relationship we've discussed in class and questions that follow. Great quiz preparation.

Fraction Help

Need to practice fractions? This is the website for you!

Discovery Education

This website has some super interesting videos about how certain mathematics topics are used in the real world. I highly suggest checking it out!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great website with loads of information on all sorts of subjects including mathematics and science. The videos are short and informative and always end with an example