Neutral Mood and Tone Words

Thanks to Misty Hunter and Stephanie Sharpe, former 8th grade ELA teachers at NBMS, 
for compiling and categorizing this list.
A=Average M=Mysterious S=Shy
C=Calm NC=Not Caring ST=Steady
I=Informative R=Realistic T=Tired

adequate A
anchored S
apathetic NC
balanced ST
bland A
clandestine M
commonplace A
complacent NC
concealed M
conforming A
constant S
content NC
drowsy T
durable ST
enigmatic M
established ST
exhausted T
explicit I
factual I
faithful ST
fatigued T
fixed ST
genuine R
graphic R
humble NC
impartial NC
indifferent NC
informational I
jaded NC
knowledgeable I
legitimate R
lifelike R
mediocre A
meek S
mellow C
moderate A
modest S
nonchalant NC
objective I
obscure M
ordinary A
placid C
plainspoken I
presentable A
puzzling M
reported I
satisfied S
secretive M
sedate C
serene C
settled S
sluggish T
stable S
standard A
subdued C
tangible I
tolerable A
tranquil C
typical A
unassuming NC
unbiased ST
unchangeable ST
unconcerned NC
unintelligible M
unopinionated NC
unpretentious M
veiled T
weary T