Virtual Learning Expectations

Virtual Learning Expectations

google classroom iconEmail is the main way we'll communicate with you so check it 2 times a day. Also check your PowerSchool missing assignments. I'll be updating grades weekly so this will help you stay on track.

Assignments, links, scheduled activities, Zoom calls and feedback will be available on your class's Google Classroom.

I will provide videos explaining your assignments on the Google Classroom, and open Zoom at the start of your class to get you started and take attendance. Once we move into your work, I'll stay on Zoom, but you'll have the choice to work on your own, or with the group. Then, you'll need to come back for the last 10 minutes of class to share your progress, ask questions, or review.

Big Changes

  • Grades will count this year. Even during remote instruction.
  • Attendance will be taken at daily Zoom calls.
  • Teaching will happen daily through Zoom or other online tools.
Here's my Daily Schedule. Our classes will meet and work online at these times when you're not in the building through links on our google classroom. 
 Time Class
 8:50-9:45 Core 1- Mr. Morrill's 8th Grade ELA
 9:50-10:35 Office Hours and and Remote Help (send me an email to set it up)
 10:40-11:35 Core 2- 8th Grade ELA- Coteaching with Mrs. Hampton
 11:40-1:05 Core 3- Mr. Morrill's 8th Grade ELA
1:10- 2:02 Core 4- Mr. Morrill's Science
zoom icon
 Go to to find your Google Classrooms. If you aren't enrolled, send me an email at and I'll send you the class code.

We will take time to learn each online tool before you have to use it on your own. Most of our assignments will be done on Google Docs, or Slides. 

I will be building paper packets to send home with Face to Face students in the first week, and mail to Remote Only students. Theses paper materials should provide you what you need for many of the assignments we start with, but you will still need to join us on Zoom for instruction and attendance.