Mr. Morrill's Science Class

Unit 1- They Hydrosphere

Lesson 1- Special Properties of Water

Water Beading on Glass H2O

Teaching will happen in Zoom calls using PearDeck, Google Slides, Reading Passages, and Diagrams. You will have notes to take, or your own diagram or graphic organizer to complete as we work. These activities will happen early in a lesson for the first couple days about once every 2 weeks.

Practice will happen through vocabulary on, demonstrations, labs, further readings, and inquiry activities. These will happen regularly through the middle of the lesson to practice key terms, and get comfortable with important concepts.

You'll show Mastery with short quizzes, research projects, and assignments where you synthesize what you've learned. These will happen near the end of a lesson. We'll reteach, and remediate as needed until you all feel comfortable.