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I'm finished with my work, Mrs. Moore!

What do I do next?

GeoGuessR is so much fun! GoogleEarth basically plops you down in a random location, and you are forced to use all your available clues (road signs, types of flora and fauna, road construction materials, soil types, landforms, etc.) to determine your location on the globe. Drop your pin where you think you are and the website gives you points for how closely you guessed to your exact location! 


 Scale of the Earth

Do you ever feel like you are just a tiny speck of nothing relative to the massive size of the universe? This interesting comparison site will allow you to zoom in and out to see just exactly how small humans are! Relative to dust mites, galaxies, the dodo bird, or the Eiffel Tower, how do you measure up? Check it out for a new perspective...

SciFri: Science Friday

It's NOT just for Fridays, I promise!!! SciFri has gobs and gobs of crazy fun science topics to explore. I just watched a vile video on New York City cockroaches (yes, I watched it!) and am still wondering why anyone would choose to DNA test cockroaches for a living! It is pretty neat though when you realize that genetic sequencing can tell you the origins of certain breeds.
Check out SciFri any day of the week for more crazy, sometimes disgusting (you've been warned!), fantastic featured films, lectures, and articles on all things science! ENJOY!

Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

Check out the dissection of a cow's eyeball, participate in a virtual step dance, watch Dr. MegaVolt make and tame electricity, or cheer on science teachers who compete for the title of Iron Science Teacher! This site has tons of brilliant science topics to explore and enjoy...

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives 

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has tons of fun math activities! Check out the website and pick some for yourself. My favorites are:

Towers of Hanoi ( is related to Algebra but is way too fun to be Math! (Don't tell your teachers I said that!) Your task is to move disks from one peg to another in the least moves... Sounds easy, huh? NOT.

Circle 0 ( looks so easy but it made me want to wash my eyeballs in bleach!!! Who knew that adding integers to make zero could be so complicated... I only wish they had a timer on the game so I could see if I beat your fastest time! Circle 21, Circle 3, and Circle 99 are also challenging.

Turtle Geometry ( is another one that looks so easy but can be very complicated. You practice designing a path around pond obstacles for your turtle. Again, should be easy, right??? You can increase the complexity by adding more obstacles to navigate around...

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a brilliant site created by a former math professor but it's topics are not only related to math. The format is simple -- the topics are arranged under the subheadings that cover everything from American Civics, Banking and Money, Art History, Computer Science, and more.

Each video is about 10 minutes long and I find them a fascinating way to work through a problem or concept. Need review on slope- Y intercept? Check in the Algebra section. Curious how to solve the dreaded Liar-Truthteller Brain Teaser? Check the Brain Teaser section. Want to see the difference between red giants, white dwarfs, and black dwarfs in our galaxy? Check out the Cosmology and Astronomy section. I'm telling you, this site has EVERYTHING! (Well, not really, everything...)

Just make sure you have your headphones or earbuds in before playing one of the videos so you don't miss anything!


Okay, this is perhaps my most favorite site EVER! Braingle contains hundreds of brain teasers, optical illusions, codes, mechanical puzzles, and other great stuff to make your brain exercise. My personal favorite is that the brain teasers link has all the activities leveled by difficulty (so I can pick easy ones when my brain is a little tired) and by popularity (so I can see how my brain works against others). 

This site could be HOURS and DAYS of fun!

How Stuff Works

This site is just plain interesting! I am constantly intrigued by how little I actually know as I look through the topic listings. Make sure to explore the tabs Most PopularQuizzesCountdownsPodcasts, and Games to find activities and/or topics that appeal to you.

I'm sure some of you may beat my score of 5 in the Survival Challenge: Do You Have What It Takes? quiz but I don't think you'll score a perfect 20 out of 20 in the Historic Holiday Fallacies: How Much Do You Know (Wrong)? quiz either. I only got 6 of the 20 correct! Good luck...

National Budget Simulation

Think it would be easy to balance the national budget and make decisions about where/how to spend tax payer dollars? Try the National Budget Simulation to crunch the numbers. Be sure to click the question marks beside the beside the function to get a clearer picture of what all is included in that line item. You might find it interesting to print your budget to share with your parents for a good discussion starter. Good luck!

Thinkfinity: U.S. Military Activities

Under the podcast tab, you'll find a podcast titled "Glowing Wounds" that details how a student research a possible solution for the Civil War legend about soldiers with glow-in-the-dark wounds. Pretty crazy!

 National Museum of American History: Timeline

Navigate this interactive timeline where you can click on the stars to view specific exhibits related to a time period. View an etching by Rembrandt van Rijn from 1637 or view common military posters from the World War II era... the choice is yours! Each activity then links you to the online NMAH exhibit related to that artifact. For you history buffs, ENJOY!

 Free Rice

I LOVE THIS SITE! Check out the categories to customize which quizzes would be most challenging for you. I still don't think I'm close to mastering the Famous Paintings section, although my trip to Amsterdam's art district this summer surely helped. You can change the level of play to better match your proficiency in the topic. Raise your brain power by raising rice for hungry people in the world!