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WHAT IS CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) in Buncombe County Schools??  Find out here!
I am the Project Lead the Way (PLTWteacher in the CTE department at NBMS.  This means, I teach the middle school Gateway curriculum from PLTW.  I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2006, and have taught middle school students for 13 years. 

PLTW is part of a fun, challenging and exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum, full of relevance.  Problem-solving, real-world challenges, hands-on experiences, teamwork and communication are all a part of PLTW.

7th grade PLTW includes:
~Design and Modeling (DM)
~Computer Science for Innovators and Makers (CSIM)
~(condensed) Automation and Robotics (AR)

8th grade options:
1) PLTW - Engineering:
~Design and Modeling (CAD software)
~Automation and Robotics (focused on mechanisms) 

2) PLTW - Computer Science
~Automation and Robotics
~some CSIM

Supplies Needed:
-- Pencil
-- Your charged school issued computer 
-- headphones/earbuds on occasion

Wish list of community supplies:
Glue sticks
Tape - clear, masking, duct, electrical, painters
mini hot glue sticks
Loose leaf graph paper
 2016 drag race
Mrs. McDevitt with PLTW students
 my cute kids