Learning Expectations

Please use our weekly newsletter to review what activities and topics will be covered in school this week.

8th Grade Units:
Unit 1: Rigid Transformations and Congruence
Unit 2: Dilations, Similarity and Slope 
Unit 3: Linear Relationships
Unit 4: Linear Equations and Systems
Unt 5A: Functions 
Unit 8: Pythagorean Theorem
Unit 6: Associations in Data
Unit 7: Exponents and Scientific Notation 
Unit 5B: Volume

Math 1 Modules:
Module A: Equations Review
Module B: Equations & Intro to Functions
Module C: Linear Functions
Module D: Statistics
Module D: Exponential Functions
Module E: Geometry
Module F: Exponential Functions
Module G: Sequences
Module H:Quadratic Functions
Module I: Systems of Linear Functions

Learning Expectations

What I expect from my students... 
- do your own work!
- be respectful of others
- complete and turn in all work
-ask for help when needed

What parents and students can expect from me...
- quality lessons that follow the NC Standard Course of Study
- establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment
- assignments that encourage student collaboration

- timely return of work with feedback for students
- regular 
office hours for helping students and answering parent questions/addressing any concerns
- I will always treat you with respect!


-3 or 5 Subject Spiral Bound Notebook
-Glue Stick
-TI-30 or TI-84 Calculator (optional)