Remote Learning

  Remote Learning Expectations
 Where will I find my assignments? 
   -Students will access lessons, information and assignments from Google Classroom.
   -Information will be posted DAILY to Google Classroom. 
 What materials do I need?
  -You should have a math notebook in your possession during your math time each day.  
   -You will use the notebook to include notes and work as we work through lessons and learn concepts.
   -During some lessons you may use your calculator.  The TI-30XII that you used in the 6th grade is also the best option for 7th grade.
   -You will also need a pencil to write down your work each day.
 What can I expect each day?
 -Students will have access to the daily assignment each morning by 8 a.m.
 -Within the daily assignment there will be:
   -Good Morning Video
   -Google Slides with agenda for the day, learning target(s), and links to activities.
  -Link to lesson.  During zoom sessions you will participate in a lesson with your teacher and peers.  Students will be provided a link to either desmos, peardeck, or another website in order to actively participate in the lesson during the zoom session.
   -Independent Practice - Students will have a link (goformative, quizizz, quizlet, schoolnet) to an assignment to complete independently.
 Will attendance be taken?
   -Attendance will be taken during each zoom session.  It is expected that students join and participate in the zoom sessions for their designated class period.
 What is the expectation for zoom sessions?
  -Students will be required to log onto a Zoom session EACH DAY at the time for their class period.  
   -Students will actively participate in a lesson guided by their teacher for 20 - 30 minutes.  The class will begin with a quick warm up and the lesson.  Students will work through the lesson with their teacher. The link will be provided in the daily set of Google Slides on Google Classroom.
   -Zoom sessions are required and attendance will be taken. It is important that students allow video and actively participate.
   -Students should treat zoom sessions as if they are in the classroom.  Appropriate dress and conduct should be followed during zoom sessions.
 How much time should I spend on math daily?
  -Zoom sessions should last 20-30 minutes.
   -Independent practice is designed to take 20-30 minutes.  It may take less than 20 minutes some days.  Please do not work more than 30 minutes a day on the independent practice.  If you work 30 minutes and are not finished communicate with your teacher.  Your teacher will be there to guide and help!

 What about assessments?
  -Students will have a quiz EACH Friday.
  -You can expect a unit test at the end of each unit.
  -Students may need a TI-30 XII (same as 6th grade) calculator for some assessments.
   -You are EXPECTED to record work and upload a picture of your work for each Quiz or Test.  This WILL count as part of your grade for the assessment.
 What about grades? What about feedback?
  -Grades will follow the percentages below:
     -50% - Test/Assessments (usually 1 per unit)
     -30% - Quizzes (each Friday)
     -20% -  Classwork (at least 1 grade each week based on participation and completion of daily assignments)
  -Students will be given feedback on work regularly.  The websites where assignments are posted give feedback as well as provide an opportunity for teachers to give feedback.  The FEEDBACK is IMPORTANT! You are expected to read written feedback and at times respond.