Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus Click here for the 7th grade ELA syllabus for NBMS

Daily Lessons
Monday- Thursday - we have daily lessons which include:
  • an essential question (big idea that may last for several lessons)
  • learning targets (main focus of lesson, what you NEED to know)
  • short assignment (to let me know how you are doing, to make sure you understood the lesson)
Daily lessons will be totaled and scored for participation each week and will count 20% of the total grade. 

Each Friday (or end of week), we will have an assessment to demonstrate your mastery of the learning. 

Assessments may be broken into parts. For example, one Friday may be a rough draft and the following Friday may be the final draft. 

Assessments will count for 80% of the total grade. 

Late Work
If you fall behind in daily assignments, you may still complete them before Saturday of that week for no penalty. After that point, they will not count for you.

Assessments on the other hand MUST BE COMPLETED. Late assessments will be docked one letter grade. After one week, they will not be accepted.