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Welcome to 7th Grade Math
Mr. Foley
Mr. Foley

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I have been teaching for 20 plus years, most of those years were spent teaching math in the middle school setting. I graduated with a BA from LSU and received a masters degree from University of West Florida. This is my 3rd year at NBMS and my 5th year in Buncombe county


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   7th Grade Math Remote Learning Expectations

What materials do I need?
-You should have a math notebook in your possession during your math time each day.
-You will use the notebook to include notes and work as we work through lessons and learn concepts.
-During some lessons you may use your calculator.  The TI-30XII that you used in the 6th grade is also the best option for 7th grade.
-Students will also need a pencil to write down your work.

What about grades? What about feedback?
Grades will follow the percentages below
50% - Test/Assessments (usually 1 per unit)
30% - Quizzes (each Friday)
20% -  Classwork (at least 1 grade each week based on participation and completion of daily assignments)