Grades Breakdown
How are those grades calculated in Mrs. Concannon's class?
Students do a variety of assignments in science class that are graded.  Students are encouraged to do their best on all task in class, because I do not grade everything they do.  Many activities we do in class are meant to prepare students for quizzes and exams.  
Grades are posted on Power School Parent Portal (please get form with ID number from office to log into this online to track your students progress) as soon as I am able to post them.  I expect ALL parents to check power school on a computer of have the app.

Grades are calculated by using these weight percentages: 
  • Exams: 35% (students are expected to study for exams at this grade level)
  • Quizzes: 25% (given at least every 2 weeks)
  • Classwork, Projects, and Labs: 25% (if done correctly and with effort during class time these grades are usually a 100%)
  • Participation and Attitude: 15% (based on students level of participation, respect, responsibility, maturity, and attitude)