16 March 2020


I spoke with all of the kids on Friday about how they will feel most comfortable receiving instruction.  They want to keep doing it the way we have been and asked to get the assignments for the week at one time so they can balance their time and work at their own pace.  As such, I will email them the work each week (we will use Google for all things) and they will complete it and email it back/submit it.  We will be doing the same things as we would have been doing – just modified to be able to be completed digitally - videos I will make to deliver new material, videos I have used for years, .  I sent them the email addresses of their classmates on Friday so they can choose to work in pairs or alone when appropriate.  Students should not be spending more than 45 minutes a day on their work for my class. 

Students can get live help from me from 9:00 - 11:00 and then 1:00 - 3:00 every day using ZOOM - directions for how to access our "virtual classroom" were emailed to students and parents.  I will also be answering emails as soon as I get them from both parents and students if anyone needs clarification.   

If I can help in any way PLEASE let me know! 

Coach Brown