Band Supply List



Flute: cleaning rod, cleaning cloth (a piece of a soft t-shirt or handkerchief that can fit easily in case).

Clarinet: Cleaning swab, cork grease, 2 reeds. Recommended brands: 6th Rico, 7th/8th Van Doran or Rico Royal.

All Saxes: Same as clarinet. Recommended brand Rico Royal

Bass Clarinet: Same as clarinet. Recommended brand Rico Royal

Oboe: Swab, Cork grease. Reeds can be ordered through Muncy Winds. 828-963-7083 Recommend Lesher brand. 6th grade=soft strength, 7th/8th=medium soft.

Bassoon: Cork grease, swab. Reeds


All brass are required to own a cleaning kit and valve oil for their particular instrument. To maintain sanitation and working condition of the instrument, they should be flushed out and scrubbed with kit at least once per month. 8th grade generally need to “step up” to a slightly larger mouthpiece due to muscle development. We ask that 6th graders purchase their own mouthpiece even if they are renting a school owned instrument. Grease is needed for the slides to remain in working order, they should NEVER dry out. There is commercial slide grease, but I personally just use Vaseline.


Sticks-size 2B and acrylic mallets. Students may also purchase their own timpani mallets or a timpani tuner. Jazz percussion may want to purchase brushes as well.

Please notify me if you are in need of emergency replacement items. [email protected] or leave a message at 645-7944.