Physical Education Syllabus

North Buncombe Middle School Physical Education Class


Dear Parents:

We would like to welcome you and your child to North Buncombe Middle School. Our Physical Education program is a fun and enriching experience regardless of your child’s abilities. In Physical Education your child is graded on participation, dressing out, health class performance and skills testing. We offer a variety of physical activities for the interest of all our students. Our goal is for every student to make an A and prepare themselves for life-long fitness and wellness.


Reasons for Dressing Out:

1) Studies have shown that when students are dressed and prepared for class they will perform better.

2) Good hygiene. Students are able to put clean school clothes back on to return to class.

3) Dressing out helps keep the student’s school clothes in good condition. There will be many activities on the gym floor and fields that may damage or soil everyday school clothes.

Locker Rooms:

Students are to ONLY bring their change of clothes/shoes with them to class, no book bags, electronics, wallets/purses,etc. They should store all of those items in their hall locker. We expect their absolute best behavior while in the changing area. Bad behavior will not be tolerated.


Our grading system is a 100 point system. Each grading period is 45 days or 9 weeks. Students will obtain 2 points per class for dressing out and participation for a total of 90 points.

There will be skills test after each unit for a total of 10 points.

90 points – Participation/Dressing out

10 points – Skills test

One half point will be deducted for each unexcused tardy. Excuse notes (doctor,sickness, appointment, etc.) are also necessary to receive daily points due to an absence.



It is our sincere hope that the following discipline procedures will never be used. However, in the event of discipline problems, the staff will follow these steps in the assertive discipline plan:

1) In-class “Penalty Box” / “Time Out”

2) Parent notification – phone call or note home

3) Discipline Notice sent to Office (Referral)

Profanity/vulgarity will not be tolerated and the good manners learned at home will be expected at all times.

No Put Downs (negative comments or body language) will be allowed towards self or any other student.

Note:Some behaviors outlined in the student handbook require an immediate referral to the office. Staff will adhere to all rules in the student handbook.

Class Schedule:

During your child’s Physical Education Class, he/she will have PE everyday for the entire school year. The weekly schedule for each class will be as follows:

2 days in the Gymnasium

1 day in the Health room

1 day Fitness area

1 day Intramural

We hope that this letter will serve to minimize misunderstandings. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call the PE department of NBMS.


Shane Allison


If your child has any allergies, disabilities, or any other medical information that you feel we should know, please list those below and return the bottom half of this sheet to his or her PE teacher.