Spanish 1 Research Projects

Project 1
Use - Britannica School for your research
Select 2 Spanish speaking countries.

*Create a replica of the flag for each country
*On the back of each flag show: 
 - the capital
- which continent the country is located in
- 2 other interesting facts

Project 2 - 4 Square Graphic Organizer
Use for your research. (The password is located on your printed assignment)

Select a country where Spanish is spoken. Find the following information about the country:
*What are some important legal products from this country? Write this in English and Spanish.
*Who are some interesting people from this country? What makes them interesting?
*What are popular games, sports and/or pastimes from this country. Write in English and Spanish.
*What do you think is most interesting about this country?

Create a 4 square graphic organizer to present your information. (refer to your print packet for an example)
4 square graphic organizer.pdf

Project 3 - Create a Travel Brochure
Use and to locate the resources you need for this project.

Select a Spanish speaking country you would like to visit. Read articles and watch videos to learn about places to visit, things to do and see. Create a tri-fold travel brochure that could be used to persuade people to visit at least 3 destinations in this country. Include images, information about interesting things to do/see, information about foods and beverages tourists may enjoy and  3 important phrases in Spanish that will be useful as your visit the country.

Here's a useful website for creating brochures: