All Things BoB

bob 2

Do you like to...
*Meet with fellow book lovers in the library (coziest spot at NBMS)
*Read books on the BOB reading list
*Create Battle worthy questions for sparring
*Challenge teammates in mock battles to recall details from books
*Compete with other school teams in hopes of becoming BOB Champions

Then You Should Become A BOB   Team Member!

The NBMS BOB team will begin official team meetings in October. 
Practice will be held once a week during our Wacky Wednesday schedule from 2-3pm.
The official competition team will be selected in December.
We will compete in a mock battle with North Windy Ridge in February.
The official BCS Battle of the Books Competition is in March.

 BOB team members may check out an unlimited number of books 
with no overdue fees!

 Interested in becoming a member?  
Want to start reading BOB books now?

Speak with Mrs. Cloninger in the library.