Extra Credit & Help

Need help, or extra time?  Set up a time to stay after school!
Any day we have TSA - Technology Student Association (usually Tuesdays) you may stay and get caught up on work until 4:15.  I just need a note from a parent/guardian!  Email to set up a time:  allison.mcdevitt@bcsemail.org   
Let me know if you just need access to software/robotics equipment to make up work missed/time in class, or if you are struggling with the material and need direct help from me.
*Note: if you are not on task in class, yet still need extra time after class, this is "not cool".  I will need to have a conversation with parents before after school time is scheduled.  The "K" in HAWK is for "Keep on Task!!"
Extra Credit@home options: 
1. Virtual Job Shadow!  Choose 2 videos from the same career cluster, watch the videos and research using the options on the left of the Virtual Job Shadow screen.  Complete this form and email it to me. Email Subject:  Extra credit
2.  Go to the "Design Squad" website and watch an EPISODE (scroll down to find).  Fill out the worksheet.  You may fill it out on the computer and email it to me.  Make sure you make the subject of the email with your NAME and "EXTRA CREDIT"  
3.  Write a half page (16 pt. font) on the positives and negatives of 3D printer, after watching this video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0EJmBoLq-g&edufilter=r4lcrtNm3zVmeGFQEW6B2A 
 4. http://cnet.com  Find an interesting article, and write a half page (16 pt. font) about the main ideas of the article.  Include:
     3 Things you thought were interesting
     2 Things that you learned from the article
     1 Question you have after reading the article.
 *Make sure you ALSO copy and paste the webpage (of that article) to your word document before sending it to me.
5.  Watch the TED ed talk here.  Answer the questions in "THINK" section in an email to me.