Negative Mood and Tone Words

Thanks to Misty Hunter and Stephanie Sharpe, former 8th grade ELA teachers at NBMS, 
for compiling and categorizing this list.
A=Argumentative D=Doubtful L=Lonely S=Sad
B=Boring F=Foolish M=Mad SU=Stuck Up
C=Confused J=Jealous N=Nervous U=Upset

abandoned L

abysmal S

aching S

afflicted U

aggravated U

aggressive M

agitated U

agonized S

annoyed M

anxious N

apprehensive N

argumentative A

arrogant SU

baffled C

bamboozled C

beguiled U

belligerent M

betrayed U

bewildered C

biased A

bitter M

bland B

boiling M

bothered U

brash F

cheated M

cheerless S

circumvented C

combative A

conceited SU

confounded C

confused C

contentious A

counterfeited M

covetous J

cross M

crushed S

cynical D

daring F

dark S

dashed S

debased S

deceived M

defeated D

dejected S

deluded C

deplorable S

depressing S

desolate L

devastated S

disappointed S

disbelieving C

disconcerted C

discouraged C

disheartened D

disillusioned U

dismal S

dispirited S

displeased M

distraught N

distressed N

distrustful D

disturbed U

doubtful D

downcast S

downhearted S

drab B

egotistical SU

embarrassed U

enraged M

envious J

exasperated U

excluded L

fierce M

fiery M

flustered C

foolhardy F

forlorn S

frantic U

frenzied U

frustrated U

fuming M

funereal S

furious M

giddy F

gloomy S

grating U

grave S

grievous S

haughty SU

hazardous F

heedless F

hindered U

hopeless D

hostile A

humiliated U

hustled U

immodest SU

incautious F

inconsolable S

inferior U

inflexible SU

insulted U

intolerant SU

invasive A

irate M

irked U

irrational F

irresponsible F

irritated U

isolated L

jilted U

jittery N

lackadaisical B

lamentable S

loathsome M

lunatic F

malicious M

melancholy S

mocked U

monotonous B

moody U

moping S

mystified C

offended U

opinionated A

overconfident SU

overthrown D

pathetic U

perplexed C

pessimistic D

pestered U

pitiful S

presumptuous SU

proud SU

provoked U

pugnacious A

puzzled C

quarrelsome A

rageful M

reckless F

regretful S

remorseful S

remote L

resentful M

scarred U

seething M

self-centered SU

shamed U

shameful S

shunned U

smug SU

solitary L

somber S

sorrowful S

spiteful M

suffering S

sulky S

sullen S

suspicious C

swindled U

tedious B

tense U

thwarted D

tortured U

troubled U

turbulent U

uneasy N

unlively B

unsociable L

vain SU

vengeful M

venturesome F

vexed C

victimized U

wearying B

weepy S

woeful S

wrathful M

wretched U