Positive Mood and Tone Words

Thanks to Misty Hunter and Stephanie Sharpe, former 8th grade ELA teachers at NBMS, 
for compiling and categorizing this list.
E=Exciting/Eager K=Kind/Giving P=Persuasive
F=Funny L=Liking/Loving T=Truthful
H=Hopeful O=Organized U=Upbeat

adventurous E
admiring L
adoring L
affectionate L
amorous L
amusing F
animated U
appreciative L
ardent L
arousing E
arranged O
assuring H
attentive E
benevolent T
biased P
candid T
captivated L
charitable K
charmed L
cheerful U
cherishing L
comforting H
comical F
considerate K
convincing P
courteous K
determined E
devoted L
droll F
ecstatic E
electrifying E
enamored L
encouraging H
endearing L
enthusiastic E
established O
exuberant E
faithful L
feverish E
frank T
frisky E
frolicsome E
fanciful T
generous K
heartening H
honest T
honorable T
idolizing L
impassioned L
influential P
insistent P
invigorating E
light-hearted U
lively U
logical P
ludicrous F
marveling L
methodical O
optimistic U
orderly O
passionate L
pleading P
promoting P
reassuring H
reliable T
reputable T
respectable T
respectful K
reverent L
ridiculous F
seductive E
sensible O
sincere T
smitten L
spirited U
sprightly U
stimulating E
structured O
sympathetic K
systematic O
tantalizing E
tempting E
thrilling E
tidy O
tranquil H
trustworthy T
unselfish K
upright T
urging P
vibrant U
vivacious U
wacky F
witty F
worshipping L
zany F