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New Site to check out!  
Better Lessons -
            Search by Standard, Subject, Topic, or Grade
            Select grade level and content area
               Sponsored by International Reading Association (IRA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
               Great source to search a topic and find lesson plans.

All About Adolescent Literacy -

            Resources for Parents and Educators of kids in grades 4-12

            Includes classroom strategies, research , book titles, webcasts, and more
CNN News for kids -

A to Z Teacher Stuff - Lesson Plans

Discovery Education -This is a subscription site.  If you teach in BCS, your school may have access to this.  Log into IAM and see if it's listed on your landing page

Science4Kids – Great information and activities

-          Biology4Kids -

-          Astronomy4Kids -

-          Chemistry4Kids -

-          Geography4Kids

-          Physics4Kids -

Smithsonian Education -

Thanks to Jenna Martin and her mom for sharing this site entitled,  "The Water Cycle, Cloud Formation, and Rainbows Explained. Lots of cool weather-related info!!  

Thanks to Dakota Taylor for sharing this site entitled, Silver, Gold, and More! Periodic Table Guide.
    Check out all of this info and links to share with students!

Thanks to Kendra Jarvis for the following websites supporting literacy:   this site is all about writing.  It offers writing games, writing prompts for kids, right brained writing prompts.  This site is for the teacher who believes teaching writing can’t be fun.  They also have iPod lessons.  Download and convert youtubevideos.  Kind of like YouTube but for educational purposes AND we can open it at school.  VoyCabulary makes the words on any webpage into links, so you can look them up with just a click--in a dictionary of your choice. I’ve used this with difficult text, like Walden, with my AIG students.   You would even use this with your ESL students.  [WordAhead], a free video vocabulary website offers an innovative method to help students learn and remember difficult English words. Using text organizers to assist students with the writing process. An interactive writing site that includes downloads for offline use. You can even publish online. Upload spelling list and kids can practice spelling the words through games.  The online role-plays are aimed at 9-12 year olds. They take place on a specific day for up to two hours. Students work in teams from their classroom. Hundreds of teams can participate at the same time and see each other's progress. They receive message clues in the Action Centre on this web site that gradually explain a scenario that is unfolding. They also use resources from the Briefing Room.  Example: An event where the experts lived through WW2. A special event to mark 60 years since the ending of World War 2. American history movies.  Play the history Mystery Game.  Choose from topics such as:  Abolitionists, Bill of Rights, Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, World War II, National Parks, Women’s rights, States and Territories, Space explorers and more!  Great math games from basic to algebra.  You can create your own historic tales with the Historic Tale Construction Kit.  Its like writing your very own comic strip.