Remote Learning Expectations


What I expect from my students... 
- screen name on Zoom is your first and last name
- be in attendance every day for our online class
- cameras on during Zoom class sessions
- appropriate dress and location during class
- check your email and PowerSchool every day

PARTICIPATE... getting an education is a full contact sport!!
- do your own work!
- be respectful of others during our time together online
- complete and turn in work in Google Classroom
- REMEMBER...  it all counts this year!!

What parents and students can expect from me...
- schedule for the following week posted by Sunday night
- classes will be conducted via Zoom or lessons recorded by me
- lessons lasting approximately 30 minutes each day
- lessons will follow the NC Standard Course of Study
- establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment
- use of lecture, video, student discussion, videos, and webquests
- assignments that encourage student collaboration

- all work will be assigned/turned in via Google Classroom
- timely return of work with feedback for students
- regular 
office hours for helping students and answering parent 
  questions/addressing any concerns
- I will always treat you with respect!