Virtual School Days


Students will find their daily assignments in the CANVAS COURSE titled 2020-21 virtual.

This CANVAS course is easy for students to access because it is an app on their IAM page when they log in.  

Assignments will be given with the date in the title to help keep students on track and to know the order in which the assignments are given.  It is important to complete assignments in a timely manner.  

The first assignment listed in CANVAS, students will access every day.  It is titled Zoom Science Link.  This assignment provide instruction on joining a zoom science class and what to do if the zoom class is not available for that day.  All students should start science in this assignment.  It is expected that students join the zoom class at their assigned class time. 


Most student work will be completed in DIGITAL GOOGLE SLIDES that will serve as the students science notebook.  I will help face to face students get the digital notebook setup on the first day of school.  The directions for the digital notebook setup is in the CANVAS course:  2020-21 virtual.  It is titled August 17th: Google Notebook set up. (My virtual only learners will need to read and follow the directions and contact me if they need help through the CANVAS assignment or by email.) 

Besides CANVAS students will access other online learning tools: 
Quizlet to study vocabulary

Gizmo to complete online lab simulations(students will need to remember their username and password.)

CK12 online textbook located in the clever app in IAM
YouTube videos

Brief outline of content for the first 6 weeks of school will include the following topics:
Beginning of year set up with laptop, online tools, digital google notebook
Spheres of the earth
Composition of the Atmosphere
Atoms and Molecules
Layers of the Atmosphere
Human Impact on the Atmosphere

*Skimming through the Digital Google Notebook will allow you to see more details on what will be covered.