Virtual Learning

During our time of virtual learning all class communication and assignments will be posted using Google Classroom, please see your child's email for joining instructions. 

8th Grade Units for 20-21 School Year:

Unit 1: Rigid Transformations and Congruence
Unit 2: Dilations, Similarity and Slope 
Unit 3: Linear Relationships
Unit 4: Linear Equations and Systems
Unt 5A: Functions 
Unit 8: Pythagorean Theorem
Unit 6: Associations in Data
Unit 7: Exponents and Scientific Notation 
Unit 5B: Volume

Remote Learning Expectations

What I expect from my students... 
- be in attendance every day for my online class
- cameras on during Zoom class sessions with microphones muted
- do your own work!
- be respectful of others during our time together online
- complete and turn in all work in Google Classroom
-ask for help when needed

What parents and students can expect from me...
- lessons (including video and assignments) lasting approximately 45 minutes each day
- all lessons will be assigned via Google Classroom
- lessons will follow the NC Standard Course of Study
- establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment
- assignments that encourage student collaboration

- timely return of work with feedback for students
- regular 
office hours for helping students and answering parent questions/addressing any concerns
- I will always treat you with respect!