Remote Learning

General Overview

I will be using Google Classroom (students will be emailed class codes) to post information and communicate with students. Students are expected to be working on math during their normally assigned time. I will begin each class with a live Zoom session to introduce that day's lesson and activities. Students will then be given time to work on that day's work and we will come back together at the end of class to reflect and wrap up that day's lesson. I will still be available on Zoom while students are working so they can ask individual questions if needed. I will also be posting recordings of the Zoom lessons so students can watch them later if they are not able to join us at the specified time.

Students and parents should feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Remote Learning Expectations

What I expect from my students... 
- be in attendance every day for my online class
- cameras on during Zoom class sessions with microphones muted
- do your own work!
- be respectful of others during our time together online
- complete and turn in all work in Google Classroom
-ask for help when needed

What parents and students can expect from me...
- lessons (including video and assignments) lasting approximately 45 minutes each day
- all lessons will be assigned via Google Classroom
- lessons will follow the NC Standard Course of Study
- establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment
- assignments that encourage student collaboration

- timely return of work with feedback for students
- regular 
office hours for helping students and answering parent questions/addressing any concerns
- I will always treat you with respect!