Hughes, Joshua - Social Studies

Hello North Buncombe parents and students. I've been teaching at North Buncombe Middle School for over nine years. During my years at North Buncombe, I've taught as a special needs teacher in 7th grade Math and 8th grade English Language Arts. I've also taught 7th grade Social Studies and now am teaching 8th grade Social Studies. Before coming to North Buncombe, I taught at East Yancey Middle and US. History at Erwin High School.
Welcome to my Classroom!

Below are the expectations for myself and students for the 2020/2021 school year.

What parents and students can expect from me...
- Classes that are conducted conducted virtually, will be done so using Google Classroom. All students have a school gmail account and can access Google Classroom through that account. Classroom codes will be sent to school emails or given in class so that students can join their class.
- Live classes will be conducted via Zoom or lessons recorded by me and posted to Google Classroom.
- lessons will last approximately 30 minutes each day
- lessons will follow the NC Standard Course of Study
- establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment
- use of lecture, video, student discussion, videos, and webquests
- assignments that encourage student collaboration

- all work will be assigned/turned in via Google Classroom or through the student's school gmail account.
- timely return of work with feedback for students
- regular 
office hours for helping students and answering parent
  questions/addressing any concerns
- I will always treat you with respect!

What I expect from my students... 
- be in attendance every day for my online class
PARTICIPATE... getting an education is a full contact team sport!!
- do your own work!
- be respectful of others during our time together online
- complete and turn in work in Google Classroom
- REMEMBER...  it all counts this year!!

My office hours will be 9:50-10:45 to 3:30 every school day, permitting I am not in school required meetings. Office hours are for students and parents to contact me by email, zoom, google classroom or school telephone so that I can answer any questions you may have. I will also be available via email throughout the day, but may not be able to get directly back to you until the office hours posted. Feel free to email me whenever you have a question or concern.

First week of school agenda:

Day one: Meet the teacher and meet the students! Learn procedures and expectations for being in school. Learn enhanced safety protocols while in Covid pandemic. Review school gmail accounts and how to contact the teacher once virtual school begins. How do I turn stuff in? How do I contact the teacher for help? If time, begin day one of content. 

Day two: Begin study of Native Americans, the folks who were here first! Begin Maps.

Day three: Continue study of Native Americans and maps. Reading primary and secondary sources.

Day four: Review and feedback of primary sources.

Day five: Live and recorded notes.