Collins, Chris - PE

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Welcome to my page. 
      I hope everyone is doing good and staying active. Below is my schedule of classes. The section number on each class is what you will look at to know which class you are in, for example 8th grade Section 3 or 8th grade Section 4. The times listed next to each class is what time we would meet when Zooming.Those zoom days are always Tuesday and Thursdays but not every week.
All assignments will come through our google classroom page. Each week the the students will have two assignments,posted every Monday morning, one PE and one Health worth 5 points each, 10 for the week.  Students will strive to acquire as many points as possible for the grading periods for a passing grade.
If you have any questions please email me anytime.
Stay safe and Stay ACTIVE!!!!

7th Grade Sections 10/11- 8:00-8:45
8th Grade Sections 3/4- 9:50-10:35
7th Grade Sections 15/16- 10:45-11:55
12:00-1:110- OFFICE HOURS
7th/8th SPLIT Sections 24/25-1:15-2:02
8th Grade Sections 26/27- 2:15-3:00