Class Supplies

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Supplies Needed for Coach Hyatt's Class. 

I have included links to give you an idea of what your student will need. You can buy these from anywhere. Please make sure the two pocket folder is not the paper kind (it will not last very long). Also the notebook needs to be the composition style and not spiral bound. I have tried to keep the cost under $10. If there is a financial need for school supplies please let me know. 

Pencils One - Pack of 12 or more colored pencils (can be used in other classes)
One - Composition Notebook (cover style or color of your choice
One - Plastic 2 pocket folder with fasteners (any color is fine - make sure they are plastic)
Two Roles - Scotch Tape or Glue Sticks
One - Pencil pouch
One - Pair of Headphones