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Joseph Morrill 

I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know your child. I vividly remember reading novels, doing experiments in science class, and grappling with new types of math in my middle school years. It was those experiences that shaped my career path, and perspective on my world.
 I believe in working to support all learners in each of the classrooms I work in. I think the best place to start getting students engaged in school is to find connections between what they're learning and their lives.

I live in Weaverville with my wife and 2 dogs. We like to be active and outside, and enjoy cycling around the roads and trails in the area. Our perfect summer is a road trip to a national park with a week of car camping. 

I work in regular education classrooms as a coteacher, and teach special education classes to groups of EC students. I'm happy to contribute to our school in whatever way I get to work with your child, and look forward to being a resource and an advocate for your child in their classes.

                                                    Mr. Morrill

Email is the easiest way to get in touch, but you can also call me at the school (828) 645-7944. I'm not always available to answer the phone, but leave a voicemail, and I'll call back.