Bus Conduct



The school shall require school bus passengers to observe good conduct. When the bus driver reports instances of misconduct on the bus, the school will investigate and take the appropriate disciplinary action. The school principal may suspend a student from riding a school bus for the following reasons, but not limited to:


  1. Delaying the bus schedule
  2. Refusing to meet the bus at designated stops
  3. Unauthorized exiting the bus when en route to or from school
  4. Playing, throwing objects or otherwise distracting the driver's attention while the bus is in operation
  5. Fighting, smoking, using profanity, or refusing to obey instructions of school officials or the driver while riding the bus
  6. Tampering with or doing damage to the bus
  7. Failing to observe established safety rules and regulations
  8. Being under the influence of or having in their possession alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  9. Eating or selling items on the bus


The driver will deal with minor problems and the driver or the school will notify parents. Major problems will be dealt with as follows:


                 1st offense-  Parent notified; assigned seat 

                 2nd offense- Bus suspension 1-3 days 

                 3rd offense- Bus suspension 3-5 days

                 4th offense - Bus suspension 5-10 days



Normally when a student is suspended from the bus, the student will be allowed to ride the bus home that day.


The bus driver is in charge of the students while they are on the bus. Students are required to obey the driver at all times. Students and parents need to be aware that all drivers are encouraged to have a seating plan and students are to remain in their assigned seats. This is done to reduce vandalism on our buses and to control student behavior. We want to emphasize that students who continue to be uncooperative will be suspended from the bus.


All of our buses have been equipped to use video cameras. We will periodically video bus runs to monitor student behavior. This will increase the safety of transporting students to and from school.


A student suspended from a bus cannot ride any Buncombe County school buses.



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